2023 Info Coming Soon!Mylan Park | Morgantown, WV



It’s time for Wild & Wonderful Country Fest in Morgantown, West Virginia! You will create memories that last forever, a mix of great music, sunshine, amazing food, and even opportunities to meet some of your favorite artist. That’s right, YOU could be given the chance to meet artists like Hank Williams Jr. or Old Dominion, but we couldn’t offer this opportunity without a catch. Don’t worry we’re not trying to gull ya! We just want to see you Be Kind!

What exactly do we mean? This could be anything from a smile to a friendly conversation with a stranger. By being kind you could easily be handed an envelope for a meet and greet with one of our WWC Fest artists. We were approved to give away 100 meet and greets!

You have the power to create the WWC Fest experience you want, and it doesn’t have to start at the event. You can make someone’s day by being positive, putting a smile on their face, or even keeping one on yours. There is always someone looking, and we will be too, so bring that positive energy and let’s have a great time! #WWCFBeKind

All the ways you could be spotted:

  • Smiling : )
  • Caught being kind
  • Post your location at the festival every day and often with your sweet smiles and tell us who you would love to meet using #WWCFBeKind and tag us on all our social pages, plus #WWCFest2019 to get on the big screens. Remember, if you’re private, we might not be able to see your posts.
  • Sporting positive vibes (Whatever that means to you. Example: apparel, temp tattoo, funky hair, outfits, etc.) 

A note from the Boss: ‘On behalf of myself and all the WWC Fest staff, we can’t wait to party with you in West Virginia. Our goal is for people to have a good time and come back year after year. To kick start the #WWCFBeKind movement, I am giving away over 100 meet and greets. We’re all here for a good time but we can also show people what ‘country kind’ is and leave our mark on West Virginia. I’ve planted WWC Fest Day Makers all over the event. You’re going to be having a beer with a stranger and next thing you know you might be meeting one of our WWC Fest artists. I’m excited to give these once-in-a-lifetime experiences to the WWC Fest fans.’ – Bob Durkin

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