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Cody Purvis

Cody Purvis sometimes walks down Music City’s famed Lower Broad listening to the myriad of songs pouring onto the historic street. Like thousands of other music lovers who flock there, he finds himself drawn to the “real country music.”

“I love walking down Broadway and thinking about all the real country singers who have walked that same street. Those are the people who are my musical influences”, which made him the perfect candidate for USA Networks inaugural season of “Real Country” where he was recently invited to showcase on National Television by Legendary panelist Travis Tritt. The Charlottesville, Virginia native’s earliest memories are of listening to his parents as they performed in country music bands.

“I wanted to follow in their footsteps and real country music was something that rang true for me. I know there’s still a demand for it. I want to provide for that demand. Those listeners are my audience.”

You can hear Cody’s deliverance of said demand in his current EP, Boots On The Ground and also in his current single, “Drinking Terms” available everywhere digitally and specifically playlisted in Spotify’s “Hot Country”, “Wild Country” and “New Boots”. Cody is also “New Boots” cover artist for the month of May 19.

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