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Adam Craig

Adam Craig is one of the good guys, and it’s about time he catches his lucky break.
Working as an in-demand Music Row songwriter, Adam has co-penned hits like Parmalee’s “Close Your Eyes” and scored cuts by Jason Aldean (“Church Pew or Bar Stool”), Dustin Lynch (“World to Me”), Love & Theft (“Whiskey on My Breath”) and more, but his own style is something different – it’s the next step in country’s continuing evolution.
Signed to BBR Music Group’s Stoney Creek Records, Adam has made the leap from songwriter to artist with a style that’s rooted in the ‘90s yet sounds just ahead of the curve. It combines the down-home themes of artists like Tim McGraw and Travis Tritt, the soul-bearing honesty and pure-intentioned romance of Keith Urban with otherworldly vocals that land somewhere between Vince Gill and Ronnie Dunn. The defining trait of his music is more than an intriguing sound and passionate writing: it’s a natural ability to make you feel.
“Somebody said something to me the other day and it made me feel really good,” Adam explains. “He said ‘Man, I don’t know how you do it, but you write a heartbreaker like a man would really have his heart broke.’ That’s what I want.”
Adam gets that result “Why Can’t She,” a song that artists all over Nashville had on hold, but never released—sung almost in the form of a quiet prayer, it’s clear Adam isn’t afraid to embrace his sensitive side.
“When I can hear the air go out of people when I get to that hook, that always makes me feel like I’ve done my job,” he says.
His songs, whether they break your heart or make you thirsty like his new up-tempo “Whatever You’re Drinking To,” make you feel something and pull listeners into a story. Maybe in part due to the fact that even Adam’s drinking tunes come with an air of relatability and a sense of experience. His brand-new “If You’re Lucky” is drenched with nostalgia, making listeners long for their teenage years—placing them back in the good ol’ days of small town life.
Despite being able to paint the simpler times so easily, the road has not been a smooth one for the stand-out vocalist. He honed his vocal chops in soggy bars and talent shows all over Washington State, before making the cross-country drive to Nashville where he discovered another gift – his knack for writing modern country songs with sensitive, meaningful lyrics, a touch of good humor and breathtaking storylines that knock listeners on their butts in a time when machismo and bluster were the order of the day. Standing out early in life as a Country fan in a sea of flannel-clad grunge rockers, Adam is no stranger to going against the grain—he is a different kind of artist, one who knows what hard work means and is thankful for what he’s earned.
“My guitar player has a saying written on his pedal board, and I stare at it every night,” he says. “Five words that mean everything to me: ‘I Get To Do This.’”
Adam carried that mindset and his unflappable optimism as he launched his self-titled EP in the Spring of 2016. The rising singer/songwriter gained critical attention for his debut single “Reckon” including being named one of Rolling Stone Country’s “Top 10 Artists You Need Know” and earning a Taste of Country RISERS nomination. Adam’s heart-tugging, blues-tinged follow-up single “Just A Phase,” was a Top 40 hit at Country radio. Now, with his new single “If You’re Lucky” coming out in April 2019, listeners will get to experience the disarmingly charming artist’s unbelievable vocal presence and gripping storytelling in a new way, if they’re lucky.

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